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FREE Household Chemical Course 

Household Chemicals

Household Chemicals can pose a real hazard if not handled properly.  Fire Chief Peter Burke recommends that residents complete the free FEMA on-line course, IS-5.A:  Household Hazardous Materials- A Guide for Citizens.  Doug Forbes, Local Coordinator for the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency said that this course will keep your home and your family safe by using household chemicals properly.

“Even though we may not realize it, most American families have become dependent upon the daily use of chemical products in our homes.  Many of these chemical products require special handling, storage, and disposal. We depend upon these products because they are quick and easy to use” (FEMA).

To access this free on-line course go to http://training.fema.gov/EMIWeb/IS/courseOverview.aspx?code=IS-55.a


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